Zoeva Classic Brush Review

I still consider myself a newbie in the make-up world. When I first started wearing make up, I used to use a brush set from Sephora before moving on to the more talked about Real Techniques brushes. I loved my set and didn’t really have an issue with them. That was until I tried Zoeva Classic Brush set and fell in love. I didn’t quite realise how much of a difference the tools used can make.  Since using the Zoeva brushes,  my make-up now appears more flawless even with my shoddy application. Zoeva Classic Brush The classic brush set from Zoeva comes with eight brushes for face and eyes.  My favourites are no.142 and no.128 because they are brushes that I didn’t realise I needed but have changed my make-up application ‘game’ for the better. Brush 142 is a concealer buffer to be used in applying and blending in concealer. I’ve been using it to buffer in Charlotte Tilbury’s Retoucher Concealer and the result is AMAZING! The dense bristle work very well in covering up my underage circles.

Brush no. 128 is my other favourite for many reason. Firstly, it is incredibly soft.  Secondly, the angled shape makes application to cheeks a dream. These factors combined are what makes this brush a must have! This post cannot be completed without a honourable mention to the 317 brush because with this brush my eyebrows and now always on fleek!

105 Luxe Highlight: Apply highlighter
125 Stippling: Airbrushed finish application of foundation
128 Cream Cheek: Apply and blend cream and powder blush
142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer

227 Luxe Soft Definer: Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
228 Luxe Crease: Blending and shading eyeshadow in the crease
230 Luxe Pencil: Precise shading and smoothing edges
317 Wing Liner: Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing

Overall, I’d say for £52.95 you get what you pay for with these brushes. I haven’t experienced any shedding, and they wash really well.

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