Wedge Issue Pizza

I’ve said it numerous times that I have a weakness for sweet potato fries, well you can also add Pizza to that list. The thought of pizza leaves my mouth watering so much it would create a flood in the Sahara desert.

At work, we have a thing ( well I think we do. It could possibly all be in my head due to my pizza obsession) called Payday Pizza. You guessed it! It’s basically when we order pizza on payday. Well , last week payday was looming and I couldn’t stop the constant thought of pizza creeping up in my mind. I even had a spring in my step as I went back to work after being off sick. It was great to have something to look forward to – PIZZA! That was until my colleague who recently joined Slimming World announced she was going on a diet.

Places to eat pizza

My dreams were shattered. The walls around me began to come crashing, air disappeared from my lungs. What is life? I thought. Like a miracle, an email popped into my inbox from the pizza gods ( if ever there were such a thing ) offering a visit to Wedges Issue Pizza. With just a quick glance at their website, I replied YES! YES! and YES! Like the lady in the herbal essences advert.

Because we’d already be out of office for a super fun launch event, I asked my friend aka my boss Keeks to come with me. What happened during our visit is now a blur. We ate, we drank and laughed to our hearts content. Everything about Wedge Issue Pizza is what I look for in a restaurant. Cosy ✓, Good Food ✓ Great Vibe ✓ and an amazing service!

Wedge Issue Pizza

Pizzas at Wedge Issue Pizza are all named after places in London. I remember ordering The Soho Pizza (N’duja sausage, peppers, chilli, mozzarella, San Marzano tomato sauce). Being from South East London, I was upset that all the places the pizzas were named after were in east London so I added chicken and jalepenos to make it slightly south. Perfect combo I know. Keeks, my date, fancied the Dalston with added mushrooms.

I’ve had good pizza but as of right now, this is the best I’ve ever had. Know why? It’s the simplicity of it. All their pizza’s are made from dough which is proofed for three days, with a sauce made solely from crushed San Marzano tomatoes.

Wedge Issue Pizza

If you plan to visit remember All starters, soft drinks, beer, and wine are half-price between 3pm and 6pm!

91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BX 020 7242 3246

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    April 19, 2016 at 10:55 am

    My husband and I are huge pizza fans and I thought that we were pretty familiar with places to eat pizza but this is a new one on me, thanks for sharing and I’ll be looking out for it!

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