Vita Coco Kids

One of the things I pay attention to when buying food for the kids is of course content levels. I’d hate for them to have too much of something. I’m that parent that checks the labels before buying. With drinks, I tend to be weary of the sugar levels.

They enjoy drinking drinks like Ribena, Orange juice and fruit shoot but I always try and give them in moderation because of the sugar levels. With Amelia, I alway mix it with water to ensure I have reduced to an ideal level.

Vita Coco Kids

Did you know : Sugar can cause tooth decay in children. Dentists  advise drinking water and sipping sugary drinks from a straw to limi ‘free sugar’ contact with teeth. Free Sugar are harmful sugars that stay in the mouth’s saliva.

Did you watch the BBC documentary The Truth About Sugar? I did and I learnt a lot. If you didn’t I’d recommend you do. Some of the revelations were truly shocking and some were of course expected. I was surprise to see that fruit juice like orange and apple contain far more sugar than I thought.

With the help of nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, Vita Coco Kids have a launched a sugar guideline called The Sugar Maze.  It has been designed to help parents like me make an easy an informed decision on what children should drink.

Vita Coco Kids

I’v always enjoyed a nice glass of Vita Coco Natural Coconut water so when I saw Vita Coco Kids last year in Waitrose, I picked it up without hesitation.  ( I even tweet about it here ). CeCe and Amelia both love the Mango & Pineapple flavour whilst I prefer the Blackcurrant and Apple.

The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) has recommended that our daily sugar in take should not be more than 10% of our daily energy intake ( 50g ) whilst the UN agency advise only 5% ( 25g ). I think aiming for the middle is advisable.

The Sugar Maze Vita Coco Kids

The Sugar Maze by Vita Coco Kids make spotting high sugar culprits easy. On the maze, I was surprised to see that smoothies  and fresh vegetable juice were on the ‘ re-think your drink section’. However, according to their research smoothies contain far too much sugar and fresh vegetable juice may have high sodium levels. A 180ml carton of Vita Coco Kids contains 9g of sugar and other leading kids drink are well above 10g with high calories too.



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