My Little Troublemaker

I rarely talk about Amelia on the blog. This is mostly because she’s my little troublemaker. When she’s not fight with her old sister, she’s being a typical toddler who says no to everything and refuses to eat.

We’ve been huge fans of the Aldi baby range for a while – mainly their wipe and nappies. When Amelia was a baby, she wasn’t very keen on eating tasteless baby food. She wasn’t even a fan of formula and had to be breastfed her for a little over a year. At almost three years old, she still hasn’t changed.

My Little Troublemaker

Although most children can be fussy eaters, Amelia in my opinion was and still is a special case. She’d only snack on fruits or raisins which of course is a good thing. However, this can prove difficult when you are out with the only things available being unhealthy options.

Whenever we go out, I have to pack as much as possible for the journey. There is nothing worse than a hungry and restricted child. Recently, we went to an event in Central London armed with food and drink from Aldi’s Mamia range to make things easier. To my surprise, they went down  pleasantly.

Made from organic fruit and veg, they come in different stages with stage one being suitable for babies as little as four months old.  The Apple and Banana, Strawberry and Apple were clear winners. They served well as snacks in between meals. Though convenient and super affordable, I don’t they pack as much flavour as Ella’s Kitchen.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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