The Perfect Leather Jacket

If I recall correctly, it was about four years ago that I discovered my perfect leather jacket. The fit, the style and the price was simply perfect. You can imagine the sadness I felt when said leather jacket fell apart ( literally) last month. It initially began falling about last year. However, the thought of having to hunt for one just as perfect was so daunting, I kept putting it off.

My style is very here and there. – one minute I’m a minimalist and the next I’m a full on tomboy. My perfect leather jacket would be slightly cropped at the back, but longer at the from. It would be biker style but without any buckle detail. It has to be loose enough for me to wear chunky knits underneath. Now do you see why its been hard to find one.

I took a trip recently to Zara because I’d  come across what seemed to be the perfect one online. I spent a good two hours walking around the store going back and forth from changing room to shop floor before I came across this beauty. Now, it doesn’t have all the characteristics I was initially after but when I saw the price, I fell in love. At 19.99, this leather jacket is very close to perfect. I love the fit, the peplum detail and the silver hardware. The only downside was that they ran out of the large size in all their Central London store ( boo!

Styling it was pretty fun. I opted for my oversized denim shirt from Boohoo and my fave thigh high boots from next. Had it not been a very cold day, the H&M skirt I was wearing would have had to go. What do you think? Yay or Nay to this outfit?
The Perfect Leather Jacket The Perfect Leather Jacket Leather Jacket Outfit Leather Jacket

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