The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I have a new found obsession with fragrance and watches but I’ll save the latter for another post. I have a host of fragrances sitting on my bathroom shelf. I have even review a couple. ( Have a look here and here.) My current favourite is Prada Candy.  Today, I am sharing with you The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

I was intrigued when I heard about The Fragrance Shop’s Discover Club. Like a beauty box, the Discovery Club sends out fragrance samples quarterly for just £5. I truly believe this is a really affordable concept and the no obligation contract means it can be cancelled at anytime. It comes with both male and female fragrances.

Perfume Samples Box

What’s more, with every discovery club box comes a discount for each featured perfume which can even be passed on to friends/family. The most recent box comes with 7 perfumes vials which include delightful brands like Stella McCartney, Guerlain ( which smells amazing ) and Versace.

The Discovery Club

This could pass as a really nice gift for someone. The Discovery Club provides an opportunity to try out a range of fragrances ( minimum 5 ) before making that commitment to buy. The packaging is really nice and simply. The rectangular box is covered in shredded paper and each sample come with its own packaging.

For more information on how it works click here.

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