Review | Solidea Magic Maman Anti Cellulite Maternity Tights

I was contacted by Daylong and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of maternity tights. After reading about the tights on the website, I was hesitant. Here is my reason why. On the website, it said “You should talk to your doctor about using compression products when pregnant”. So I asked my contact to explain the reason.
 Daylong disclose the following message on their website ‘please consult your doctor before wearing compression hosiery’ to be extra cautious and  highlight the fact people with the health issues listed below should consult a doctor, as compression therapy might not be recommended.
Anti cellulite, check. Soothes aching legs, check. Supports tummy and lower back, check. The list could go on for a while but I won’t bore you with some of the reasons why I loved my maternity tights. With a light compression of 12-15mmHg ( this means unit of pressure by the way) and lined with a micromassage system, there is no doubt this tights was built for comfort. Also having lost my zeal to dress up due to the fact nothing fits, I was glad to have something that fits. Not only did it do all that was mentioned above like supports the tummy, it was also quite stylish. I received the Moka coloured pair which worked perfectly with a pair of boots I had in the same colour.The only downside I had with this product was dry cleaning. After wearing it a couple of times, I was ready to wash it, however there was no instructions on how this could be down. However, the tights are fitted with a Sanitised Hygiene Function which provides freshness.
Want a pair yourself? Simply visit and to view their wide range of compression tights. Enter ‘BLOGDAYLONG’ at the checkout to get 20% off your selection. The code can be used once per person and expires on 31/12/13.

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