Pizza Making Party

In this post, I mentioned that we were planing a pizza making party for CeCe and this Saturday it finally took place at Pizza Express,at The O2 in Greenwich.

The first pizza making party we attended was in September last year where one of Cece’s friend was celebrating her birthday. Since then, CeCe insisted she wanted to have one for her 6th birthday too. I spoke to two friends one whose daughter had hers at Pizza Hut and the other who had theirs at Pizza Express. I compared both their experiences and when it came down to it, I decided to go for Pizza Express.

Pizza Making Party

Pizza Making Party

The booking process was really easy, however I had a couple of complication due to the date I wanted.  We have about 5 different Pizza Express surrounding us within a 5 mile radius but due to the Easter holidays they were all booked up on the Saturday after her birthday. Unfortunately, the weekend after that was Easter so we had to postpone it by another week. It all worked out in the end because the day we ended up doing it was also my Mr’s birthday.

The Pizza Express at The O2 doesn’t normally take bookings for Pizza Making Parties but they made an exception because there was no event taking place at The O2 on the day of my booking. I am so glad they made this exception because I was super impressed with the service we received on the day. The food was top quality, the staff were patient, friendly and really helpful.

Pizza Making PartyPizza Making PartyOur initial booking was for 10 kids but due to the timing and weather on the day only six kids managed to make it in time to actually make their pizza. This didn’t affect anything. When the rest of the kids turned up, they simply placed an order from the children’s menu provided.

I think for £11.95 per child, the experience is  truly worth it. Not only do they get to make their pizzas, they get the infamous Pizza Express Dough Balls for starters and a choice of dessert. At the end of the day, they also get a certificate stating that they are certified pizza makers!

The only complaint I have is that maybe it could have start a tad bit later. We were told to turn up at 10:30am and even though we were half an hour late it still was far too early.

Pizza Express Dough Balls

Pizza Express

Birthday Cake Pizza Express


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