Outfit Round Up

The second half 2015 is in full swing and there’s just a month till my birthday. I am now officially in reflective mode. I am thinking about my achievements, setting new goals and basically trying to better myself.

One of the ways in which I am doing this is through my style so I thought I’d do an outfit round up showing you my favourite outfits so far this year.

Looking at these images, I can definitely see a difference. I am taking more risks with my outfits. Even my photo editing has change. The bottom of this outfits collage shows images from the beginning of the year whilst the top half shows more recent images.

I am loving simple pieces that make a statement like the yellow and black dress which reminds me of the Snapchat icon and the green ankara top I wore recently with a pair of jeans.

I noticed that the Zara wrap skirt is a huge favourite of mine. As well as the Primark limited edition bag which is pictured below three times!

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Outfit Round Up

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