Mummy Stuff | My Pregnancy Journey #2

I found out I was pregnant quite early on this time. I think I was about 5 weeks into it actually. After having my first child I became one of those people. Period an hour late and I fret about being pregnant.

I went to the clinic with the thought if I’m not pregnant, please book me in for an updated contraception because what I have is just not suitable for me any more. Long story short the nurse done a test and voila I’m pregnant. My instant reaction was tears. As well as a million thoughts going through my head. How will I being up another child. What will people say. I just wasn’t ready to have another one. ( I bet you are thinking  should have kept your legs close shouldn’t you. Well, I couldn’t agree more.)
Ayo at 20 Weeks
Upon finding out, the next thing to do was obvious. Inform the father…. and my family ( the part I dreaded the most). Because of the reaction I received about my first pregnancy, I feared for the worst. But it was nothing like that. I was congratulated and support. This really shocked, but pleased me.
However, it still didn’t/hasn’t changed how I feel. I feel like I succeeded with my first child out of shear to luck and that this time round I will fail as a mother. I fear that my whole life will change once again. ( I am extremely scared of change ). The pregnancy itself hasn’t be easy. I have been nauseous all through. Been throwing up blood. On iron tablets.
Now at 37 weeks pregnant, I am excited to meet the new addition to my family and I am sort of ready to be a mum again and I know my four year old is extremely excited to be a big sister!

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    November 21, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Aww, congrats to you! Cute layout by the way 🙂

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