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As mention in my 4 month baby update which can watch here, I mentioned that Amelia was really miserable because she was teething. Well, this week, the teeth finally popped up! I have this weird feeling ecstatic feeling now that I can see and feel it. But I thought I should share what worked for us. Now like I always say, every baby is different so what works for one may not work for the other. However, this can help you start off.

Amelia officially began teething at two months old. What I mean by this is that you could see how sore her bottom gum were becoming from then. Due to this, I began giving a teething remedy called Piccan once a day when she was….. old  ( Unfortunately it can only be obtained in Nigeria ). After realising that the remedy contained Paracetamol, I began cutting back whilst looking for an alternative. Along came Ashton & Parson Teething Powder.  This product has been used for years to soothe teething symptoms. I believe it was used for me & my partner  when we were babies. I even used it on CeCe so I knew it works. However, finding this product has been like finding gold dust. All my local pharmacies didn’t have it nor did Boots.  Until one day I popped into some random pharmacy where I asked the rather unfriendly man behind the tills if they had any. They did, but only 2 left and priced at £6 WHAT?!

I have been giving her the teething powder for the past month and on Saturday, I bought the Bongela teething gel which I have been rubbing on the gums where the teeth was about to come out of.

Aside from the odd cry when I am not carrying her, I think these products have worked well for Amelia. I tend to rotate the remedies. For example, when she has a fever due to the teething, I go back to Piccan, when she cries during the day, I run the Bonjela and I give her half of the teething powder in the morning and the other half at night before bed.

Baby Teething EssentialsBonjela Teething Gel

Summer Infant Essential ( Toothbrush )

Ashton & Parson Teething Powder

Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits

Sophie the Giraffe Gift Set

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