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LOL Surprise Dolls Toy ReviewMove over Shopkins, step to the side Num Noms because the latest toys craze has arrived and they are called LOL Surprise Dolls! Straight off the bat of their US success, the collectible toy has arrived in the UK with an all inclusive, fashion-forward collection of 45!Due to work commitments, we were unable to attend the launch with Toys andMe and boy did that break my little peoples heart. To mend things back together, I promised them we’ll do a video unboxing, however, that also couldn’t happen.

After many tantrums, succumbed to just opening it off camera. Boy, was it worth the wait. Due to the same layers the toy comes in, we opened it like a game 0f pass the parcel. Each child got to open one layer and reveal the surprise. This definitely added to the anticipation of opening a brand new toy. A clue was revealed with each layer, until the doll was opened.

The girls were pleased to reach the end and reveal a brown-skinned, green-eyed dressed in a cat costume and named Baby Cat. Though I’m sure Cece and Amelia aware, I’m still trying to figure out what water skill Baby Cat.

In spite of the fact that I don’t want the colour of my children’s skin to ever be an issue for them, I wouldn’t be a good mum if I don’t acknowledge their reality. They know they are different. They, well the oldest has had questions about why her hair is different from her best friend’s. As a mum, I tried my best to explain this but I won’t sit here and lie that it wasn’t hard. Before I digress into a whole nother topic, what I’m actually trying to say is that LOL Surprise Dolls is a toy like no other. They are a diverse range that any child can relate to.

What I liked the most about LOL Surprise Doll was that nothing was left unused. The round ball the doll arrives in transforms into a doll stand and bath tub. Each leaflet contains valuable information about caring for the doll. It is rare for my husband to take interest in a toy so it really took my by surprise when he asked me where the toy was from before finishing with ‘it’s a classic toy’. What ever that means.

Available from the usual Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer and Toyrus

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