Our Little Adventure with Barny the Bear

“We’re going on a bear hunt! We’re gonna catch a big one! I’m not afraid! Are you? Not me!”

Ever since she watched ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ at Greenwich Theatre, CeCe has been so obsessed with bears and adventures oh and that song!

Barny is a bear shaped sponge snack with a hidden centre that is available in four flavours. We received two packs of tasty Barny cake bars with the task to take them on an adventure. I planned so many different adventures but they all didn’t work out. Then it hit me! We’ll take Barny on an adventure to London. Well the city for the #VCSchoolout event organised by Voucher Codes but things didn’t work out as planned so instead Barny came with us to Coventry for the weekend.

The drive to Coventry from our house is about 2:30hr long and 115 miles. This was our first long drive journey as a family. Imagine a baby, an impatient hubby and a demanding 5 year old in one car. I prepared myself my packing lots to drink and lots to eat including Barny Bear off course( epic fail on the drinks though. It meant stopping twice for toilet breaks ).

CeCe’s favourite flavour was chocolate ( she’s got a sweet tooth like mummy ). She loved Barny so much she ate one on the walk to school yesterday. The packaging for Barny was well thought. In a long rectangle box with 5 individual bars which are protected my cardboard and wrapped in foil like paper. With no artificial colours or preservative it seems like Barny will soon become part of our weekly shopping.

barny bear

Each flavours comes in a pack of five and costs roughly £169Barny is available from all major supermarkets. For allergies and ingredients please click here – http://www.barnyworld.co.uk/


Disclaimer : We were sent two packs of Barny Bear in return for this review.

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