Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals

The amount of people suffering from Coeliac Disease, diary intolerance and other forms of food allergies is on the rise. Both my husband and youngest daughter Amelia are diary intolerant.  This has led us to make the switch to other types of milk like Almond and Soya. We’ve also considered going gluten-free but its taking a wee bit longer.

I was more than happy to review Kirsty’s Ready Meals when I was approached. I’m not going to lie and say I enjoy cooking everyday. There are many days when I just want to shove a meal in the microwave and have it ready it minutes. However, doing this often means relinquishing taste amongst other things.

Kirsty’s is a range of ready meals free-from gluten, wheat and diary launched in 2012 by Kirsty Henshaw. The company’s aim is to produce high quality, delicious and allergen free alternatives to a range of food products.

Kirsty’s Meals Kirsty’s Ready Meals

I was sent three Kirsty’s Chilled Ready Meals to try. Spanish Chicken with Brown Basmati Rice, Beef Lasagne with a Rich Bolognese Sauce and Pork and Herb Sausages with Sweet Potato Mash. If you’ve been reading my food spots then you know exactly which meal I had first.  My weakness for sweet potato is slowly becoming a problem now.

The Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash is packed in two compartments. One side contains the sweet potato mash and the other for the sausage and gravy. Directions suggest microwaving the meal for 4 minutes in an 800Watt microwave but I added an extra two ( just in case ).

The aroma that filled my kitchen thanks to the gravy was astonishing. I was upset to discover  that upon taste, the sweet potato mash was rather bland. However, when mixed with the gravy and eaten with a slice of the sausage, it was delectable. The gravy was just how I like my gravy to be. Not to salty, well seasoned and oniony!

Kirsty's Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash

Sausage with Sweet Potato Mash

One of the things that makes me really impressed with Kirsty’s ready meals was the shelf life. Apparently their long shelf life is down to the fact that they steam cook their meals in their packs to lock in nutrients and flavours.  Refrigerated meals can be kept up until their use b dates whilst frozen meals can last up to six months.

I can highly recommend Kirsty Ready Meals if you are suffer from gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts. Furthermore,  can also recommend these meals if you are looking for quick and easy meals, yet healthy meals. You can find your nearest Kirsty’s stockist by clicking here.

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