What are your habits costing you?

Its been a super busy week for us. From prepping the house for christmas to prepping for Amelia’s birthday which is just two weeks away. It really has been overwhelming.  We are STILL not sure if we are having a party due to the timing of things. To be honest I’d rather spend the party money on a short break abroad. 

For many including myself, this time of the year often leads to lots reflecting. I personally enjoy looking back and seeing the goals I have achieved, the pictures I have taken and the adventures I have been on. But one thing that always occupies my mind is money. I wonder if Iv saved enough and if I could have done anything differently.
This year, I developed a lot of bad habits that are crippling me financially.  I have mentioned my love for food in my “What I am thankful” But what I didn’t mention was how expensive this love. 
Another bad habit, though not new that I have is shopping. I’m embarrassed to admit that I buy a new item of clothing at least once a week. Dont judge me. Have you never heard of Retail Therapy? This habit however, has gone to a new direction where I am now buying for the kids instead. Thats because its easier to justify buying for them to my husband.
I used the Legal & General habit cost calculator to see how much my habits are costing me and lets just say I am not surprised by the results. By my calculations, if I saved the money I used on takeout a month, I could end with up 60% of the money needed for a holiday abroad. I will definitely be cutting back in 2015 as I save towards a trip to NYC!
The cost calculator is Legal & General’s way of getting us to think about life with a long term perspective They believe that with a tax efficient saving account , we could all be spending our money differently.
 What are your habits costing you?
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