Gucci Marmont Loafer

Being a journalist is fun and sometimes it can be glam but let me tell you right now, I don’t earn big bucks. That said, my pocket can only stretch so far. When it comes to style, in recent months the saying “eyes bigger than belly” definitely applies. My style is far greater than my pocket pocket. I now have a strong desire for items that would take up a huge chunk of my pay check.

Gucci Marmont Loafer

To curb this behaviour, I look for high street dupes of the items I covet. These Gucci Marmont Loafer leather courts are currently at the top of my wishlist. i don’t just want them, I NEED them! though they come in other colours, I think the gold variant is more for me. The block heel, paired with the fringe detail and interlocking ‘G’ make them the perfect dressed up but still dressed down pair of shoes. I can see it styled with a pair of boyfriend jeans or perhaps a midi skirt. I do have to say though they are manrepeller shoes but who cares when style and comfort have been blended so beautifully,

At £495 for a pair, it’ll take a couple of months for me to save up enough to get a pair. I managed to track down a pair of look-a-likes from H&M that would work well as a placeholder and for £24.99 it’s a steal! I’m not keen on the metallic finish on the H&M pair though but for now, they’ll do.

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    August 12, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    I spotted a very close match in September issue of Cosmo by Chinese Laundry. Supposedly it’s at dsw shoes online but so far i haven’t seen it which hopefully means it’s coming out soon!

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