Get fit or Die Tryin’‏

At the beginning of the year we all go through the ‘setting goals’ periods. I set mine every year and  by the third month I throw in the towel. Well, not this year. This year I am sticking to my guns. I must achieve my set goals.

Get fit or Die Tryin'‏

One of the goal I set for this year was getting fit. Being a parenting requires juggling a whole host of things. I find that I am always all over the place doing A or B so eating right is always difficult. But I have said to myself, I must get fit or die tryin’ ( not literally of course )

When it comes to staying fit, one of the things I find quite hard is eating right. I love my Nigerian meals however they can be quite ‘unhealthy’ and its hard to eat a variety. Mosts meals are high on carbs. Also more often than not I find myself eating late because I had so much to do.

To stay on track, I have carried out extensive research which I believe is really helping. I found this NHS article sharing ‘The truth about carbs’ It has really enlightened me on the how to cope with my high carbohydrate diet. So I dont have to eat different meals from the rest of my family.

Another way I have been staying on track is through Nigerian #instachefs my favourite being @dooneyskitchen. I have never tasted her food but her images leave my mouth watering. I often find myself rushing to the next food shop just so I can try out one of her recipes, which can all be found here. Whilst reading Skint Dad’s blog I came across this post ‘ 7 Free Alternatives instead of paying for Gym Membership’ and I think it is useful for anyone trying to get fit on a budget.

I am trying to lose weight not to get to a smaller dress size but to get rid of my ‘mum tum’. It has been there for almost six years now and I think its time it disappeared. I would love to wear a cropped top this summer!

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