Finding Dory with Specsavers

I was so excited about the release of Finding Dory. I had the opportunity to watch it before it was released, however it coincided with my holiday. Being the sharer of joy that I am, I passed on the chance to someone who I knew would appreciate it. Whenever I can’t make it to an event, I know my homegirl Keeks will always cover for me. This is what she had to say:

Finding Nemo came out I was 11 years old. I loved the film and eagerly awaited the prospect of a sequel that never seemed to come – until now. Finding Dory has hit the big screen and I’m not going to lie I was very excited. My niece and nephew have been subjected to watch the original with me dozens of times so they were just as excited as me. I was gutted when I wasn’t able to attend the Specsavers screening. I couldn’t let my niece and nephew miss out, so my mum took them  instead. For anyone wondering, the exclusive screening was to celebrate the new Finding Dory frames available at Specsavers.

Finding Dory with SpecsaversAt £64, the frames are pricey. However, they are free for anyone under the age of 16 with an NHS optical voucher. The kids loved them how they looked on their face. When the kids got to try on the frames, my mum thought “They were really nice and suited them. Not only would I be happy for them to wear them but they actually loved them too. The animated designs meant if they had to wear glasses, it wouldn’t be a big deal.” Sienna, my eight year old niece has had her eyes tested before however, her brother Jackson, 5, hasn’t.  It was great to learn that Specsavers has teamed up with Thomson Screening to deliver free vision-screening software to schools nationwide.

SchoolScreenerEZ is a software which schools can download to carry out preliminary test of children’s eyes. It also includes a test for colour vision. 

The kids had a blast at the screening.  They loved the movie and really enjoyed having their faces painted and trying on the new Finding Dory frames too!

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