Festive Baker

Christmas was a month ago but I can’t shake off that festive feeling. It’s the only thing getting me through the cold and wet weather. With the launch of Num Nom series 4.1, we were set a festive baking challenge. There’s no better time than the festive period to bring out the baker in you.

Num noms Festive Baker

Smarties Cookie Festive Baking gone wrong

Now, let me start off my telling you how terrible I am at baking. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve tried to bake something, each time has been worse than the last. Cecilia and Amelia constantly complain about how they wish I was good at it, so this Num Nom festive bake challenge was a welcomed one. A challenge I wanted to use to not only improve my skills but also spend time with the girls.

Our festive baker challenge came with everything needed to make tasty cookies – all I needed was eggs and butter. What could possibly go wrong. Well, the first attempt went badly because we used to much butter and the second round got burnt. Don’t worry, I’ve already put away my oven gloves. Instead of actually baking, I’ll stick to pretend baking Nom Noms. They smell amazing and have tasty sounding names like Pippa-Mint Gloss, Sprinkle Berry and Berry Blizzard.

Num Noms Festive Baker Challenge smarties cookie

Festiver Baker Challenge Num Noms Series 4

Here’s our old post, explaining what a Num Noms is and the craze behind them.

Make your own Num Noms cookies

You will need:

350g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

300g caster sugar

115g butter ( room temperature)

1 medium egg

1 smarties tube

A spoon, fork or spatula

Greaseproof, parchment or baking paper

Baking tray

Ice cream scoop


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