Farfalle Fusion

In my bid to stay fit and heathy, I mentioned in the post how I have been obsessed with ‘instachef’ Dooneyskitchen.  When I saw her post this Farfalle recipe I couldn’t wait to try it. She coined the recipe “Farfalle a la Nigeria” after she was inspired by one of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes meals.

Farfalle Fusion

Making this meal was unbelievably easy. I missed out some of the ingredients like chopped Uziza, beef stock and smoked fish but even without these it tasted AMAZING. Farfalle also known as ‘bow-tie pasta’ is one of my favourite types of pasta. It is just so pretty.

This Farfalle fusion combines the best of Italy with some of the best of Nigeria. From the pictures, you will see that mine wasn’t as rich as Dooney’s. That is because I didn’t blend my tomatoes and peppers together to create the sauce.

Farfalle Fusion

Myself and the kids had this for lunch about two weeks ago and it went down a treat. If you would like to try making this here is the recipe and for how to prepare it click here.

Farfalle Pasta – or any uncommon pasta shape
2 tbs of Iru
2 – 3 pieces of red bell pepper
12 – 15 pieces of cherry tomatoes – or 5 pieces of regular tomatoes
1 red onion
1 shallot – optional
1 – 2 pieces of ata rodo – scotch bonnet/habanero pepper
A handful of Chopped Uziza
Palm Oil
Softened Smoked fish
Smoked red prawns
Beef Stock
Salt and/or seasoning cubes if you need

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