Eve Lom TLC Cream

What do you do when your skin is crying for help? Every now and again, our skin needs some TLC. Recently, I’ve found that mine has needed more than its fair share of it. The stress of wedding planning, leaving one job and starting another and long haul flights have taken its toll on me.

I had a period where my skin looked and felt amazing. When this happened I tried everything in my power to keep it that way but alas it didn’t. Me being me, I didn’t note down what I actually used to make it that way. Thanks to my day job, I get to trial new products all the time it was really difficult to pin down the culprit that caused my break out.

Eve Lom TLC Cream Moisturiser Beauty Review

I began caring for my skin and developed a ‘proper’ skincare routine that involved cleansers, serums and of course moisturisers. The right moisturiser took my skin from 0 to 100% real. I alternated between my beloved Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Ultra-Rich Rejuvating Creams and  Eve Lom’s TLC Cream. In no time, my skin was back to it smooth and hydrated state.

Eve Lom TLC Cream is an ultra-rich face cream that penetrates the skin’s barrier to provide much needed moisture to dry skin. I started using this moisturiser back in February when my skin suffered from that dry, tight feeling. When I stopped, I noticed a difference, hence why I’ve gone back to it. I used it during the day after a shower, then at night after cleansing. Though you get better results when you used at night. The formula is on the thick side and slight oily.

If you are not into using moisturisers ( but  you really should be), I wouldn’t recommend this Eve Lom TLC Cream as a starting point due to the price and application process. However, if you are big into beauty then this is for you. Not for everyday use but when your skin needs tender, love and care.


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