Where to buy high-waist jeans if you have curves?

As a curvy girl, finding high waisted jeans that fit my curves can be an impossible mission. It proves even harder when you don’t have a big budget to work with. It can be irksome sometimes when I buy my normal size and they don’t even go past my thighs. When I decide to go a size up, I’m left with a massive gap around the waist. There really is no winning. On instagram, I see girls rocking Fashionnova and Good American Jeans and wish I could get myself a pair without the insane shipping and customs charges. Well, I think I have found just the place.

Where are your jeans from? and how do you care for your hair? are at the top of my frequently asked questions. For the longest time, that reply was always Zara which always led to people then asking really?!  Yes REALLY?!! You’d be surprised to know that Zara, a store notorious for unreliable sizing actually have a dedicated denim collection for curvy ladies. I wore my last pair from the range literally everyday till they were destroyed. For some reason though, the latest collection don’t quite fit as well as that pair did.

With Zara no longer meeting my needs, I looked elsewhere. There, is where I found my new fave pair. New Look’s jeans collection combines much-needed stretch with on-trend styles and pocket-friendly prices.

I buy the odd pair of shoes from New Look, but I have to say I rarely shop there. Since discovering their amazing denim range and how well fitting they are on women with bigger bums, I tend to visit them more!

New Look Hallie Jeans, Primark T-Shirt (similar), Office Heels 

Jeans for curves and women with big bums

Jeans for curves New Look Ripped Distressed Jeans with heels

Blue V Neck T Shirt


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