A Year in Outfits

We are two weeks into the new year and I am still in reflective mode. A Year in Outfits is a post I started doing a couple of years ago as a way to see how my style has changed. If you’ve read my recent post titled Goals, then I don’t think I need to repeat myself about 2015 being my best year yet. I got a new job, met amazing people and turn 25! But all in all for me 2015 for me was the year my style took a turn. I believe I finally know what suits me.

I started my job working for a magazine in July and since then, I have struggled to blog. When you write during the day, it’s hard to come home and want to write some more. I suffered a massive case of writers block at one point which led to me neglecting my blog. But inspiration returned when I decided to have redesign. I changed it quite a few times but I think I’ve finally found a layout I’m happy with.

Food blogging became a core part of my blog this year. I got the opportunity to review some great restaurants. You can all my reviews here . Furthermore, towards the end of the year, I also began posting more beauty bits which has been pretty fun to do. I never realised how much I loved beauty!

I realised that when it came to blogging, one of my weakness was that I didn’t really believe in my blog and its potential. I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way thanks to Joy to The World but I’ve never truly believe it could be something special. Many people I spoke to towards the end of last year may recall me saying this. This year, I plan on believing that my s*** smells the greatest. My this I mean, I plan believing that the content I produce has the ability to contend with the big names of blogging.

Last year saw me learn how to use a DSLR properly.  Using my new found skills and a tripod in tow ( sometimes my oldest daughter ) I ventured into the world of taking outdoor outfit posts. Its been an enjoyable journey. Looking back, I love every outfit I wore. In previous ‘Year in Outfits’ posts, I look at some of the things I wore and look away in shame but this year, I think every single one was a hit.

This year, I hope to explore my style on a deeper level. Try out new brands – Monki is slowly becoming a fave of mine again.

A Year in Outfits A Year in Outfits A Year in Outfits



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    H A Parker
    January 20, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Your style is amazing! Every one was definitely a hit, I agree. I rely a lot on my boyfriend to take my style pictures. So I think that I need to have the confidence to go out on my own with my tripod too.

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