The changes in blogging

    Let’s be honest the blogging scene has changed over the years. I discovered and started blogging in 2009, but wasn’t the type to take it as seriously as some. For me, it has always been a hobby, one I’ve used to land numerous jobs in journalism and content marketing.

    Until recently, I never even considered making money from from blog, I posted when, how, and what I wanted. When others were charging an arm and a leg for sponsored posts, I would do it for free sometimes. Over the years though I felt like a massive fool for doing this. I didn’t quite realise my potential and the ridiculous money my counterparts were making from their blogs.

    I’ve drifted away from my blog because I’m trying to find where I stand. Is it a mummy blog or a fashion blog? The thought of having to find a niche makes me feel anxious. I like many things and would love to talk about them all day on Joy to the World! I thought going for lifestyle and parenting would be tight niche but I was wrong. Blogging is a numbers game, the more you have the more opportunity comes your way. It can be disheartening sometimes because there are many brands I would love to work with but unfortunately, I’m not even on their radar. The rise of micro-influencers is something that excites me because brands are finally noticing that it’s quality over quantity.

    Following the Daily Mail article recently, I realised I don’t quite fit into the ‘slummy mummies’ parenting niche nor am I the type to share every detail of my family’s life. I’m not a fashion blogger who can take OOTD pictures and talk about only clothes all day everyday. I love beauty but I think it can be very subjective.

    Along the way, my passion and direction of Joy to the World got lost. I tried to make it fit into a box rather than embrace it for what it was – my very own space on the World Wide Web! Going forward, I plan on redirecting all the ‘mummy stuff‘ content to Youtube – there I will share the ins and outs of being a black millennial parent. Whilst on Joy to the World, I will continue to share my love of fashion and beauty.

    P.S I’ve also taken the liberty of setting Cecilia and Amelia up with a channel so please make sure you subscribe!

    Blogging and microinfluencers

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