Chicken Society Review

    I’mm baccck! And what better way to return than with mouth-watering content (literally). A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I visited Chicken Society, a ‘birds only’ restaurant in Finchley, London.

    chicken, salad and sweet potato fries on a table

    Everywhere I look, there’s either Tom, Dick or Harry turning vegan. In the last 12 months, at least 5 of my friends have given up meat. Some, like me, have only managed to give up red meat. To me, turning vegan is for the brave – something I definitely am not. Well, in this case anyway. I can just about give up red meat but asking me to give up fish and CHICKEN is damn near impossible.

    It’s food for the soul and exactly what Chicken Society is serving up to customers daily.

    The restaurant is owned by Mitchells & Butlers, well-known owners of pub chains like Harvester, Toby Caveries and All Bar One. They’ve launched a new menu that offers chicken ( and duck) prepared in 4 different ways, to show they are the chicken experts ( imagine if that was an actual job title)

    If your taste buds prefer crispy, spice-adorned chicken then the Southern Fried option is perfect you. If that sounds a bit too dry for you,  I will highly recommend the Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken variation. It comes drenched in a signature sauce of choice. I of course, went for Hot Korean style BBQ and it was the best culinary decision I made that day. The flavouring was just right – sweet, yet spicy. I found myself dipping my Sweet Potato Fries and drenching my Avocado and Butter Leaf salad into the sauce. Unlike my husband’s choice of Half Southern Fried Chicken mine was juicy and tender.

    For the meat lovers out there who’s looking for somewhere cluck-tastic to eat, then this is it. I shared my night on my insta-stories and everyone wanted to know where I was. At 8pm on a Friday night, the restaurant was truly buzzing, with good music, a decent crowd and joyful staff willing to help. I’m sure this would be a vast contrast to lunchtime where they serve Southern fried or spit roasted chicken. In a pitta or in a bun from only £5!

    Rum coctails with straw on a table

    As a chicken lover, I’d say I’ve tasted a fair amount to know what tastes good and what doesn’t. Whilst Chicken Society may not be inmy top 3 list of the best, it’s still a decent restaurant and if I was ever near one, I’d go for another visit.

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